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Why Hire an Attorney for Your Assessment Appeal
Why Hire an Attorney for Your Appeal?
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Why Hire An Attorney For Your Assessment Appeal?

The Allegheny County Assessment Appeal website states:

"Hiring an attorney to represent you is your choice. Legal representation is not required. However, most school districts and municipalities will have legal counsel present."


  • Pennsylvania Assessment Appeals can be complex and contested matters in which property owners will greatly benefit by having an attorney represent them.

  • You may have to face School District and Municipal attorneys.

  • You may be asked to disclose information which could hurt you and help the taxing authorities such as mortgage amounts, appraisals and/or improvements.

  • Hiring the Davis Law Group enables you to relax while our law firm prepares and files your appeal, conducts extensive research, communicates with the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review (BPAAR), drives Downton, parks, waits for your hearing to be called and finally argues and presents evidence in support of your case.

  • Davis Law Group has access to real estate data that is not available to the general public. It is this information that helps us to be better prepared than the vast majority of taxing authorities and "do it yourself" property owners.

  • The Attorneys at Davis Law Group are seasoned litigators who are prepared to both argue for you and cross examine the representatives of the taxing authorities.

"Time is LIMITED to file your appeal. If you ignore this opportunity you will pay taxes based on your new assessed value for years to come"

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