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Preparation and Filing of Your Appeal
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Research and Data Compilation
Review and Preparation of Evidence
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Why Hire an Attorney for Your Assessment Appeal
Why Hire an Attorney for Your Appeal?
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  • As your hearing date approaches our attorneys will perform a through review of your case and the market analysis and sales comparable evidence which has been compiled on your behalf.

  • The attorney's analysis of your case evidence will be specifically geared toward hearing preparation.

  • Our attorneys will also be reviewing the County's evidence that they are likely to use at the hearing.

  • Any potentially difficult areas uncovered by our attorney's review will result in additional research, analysis and compilation of evidence in final preparation for your appeal hearing.

  • All market analysis, comparable sales and neighborhood trend evidence will be produced in triplicate and marked as exhibits for your hearing.

  • Our attorneys will also review any and all photographs of your properties problem areas and those will be printed in triplicate and marked as exhibits for the hearing.

  • Just prior to attending your hearing we will perform a final review of your case file to ensure that all documentation and evidence is properly prepared to ensure the best possible outcome.