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Why Hire an Attorney for Your Appeal?
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  • In order to combat the County's valuation of your property we will conduct research that targets the inaccuracies of their assessment.

  • We have paid access to a real estate professional's only data base that contains complete information about the properties and recent property sales in your neighborhood.
  • Through the use of specifically designed search engines we narrow the recent sales on your area to those that point to a value for your property that is lower than the new county assessment.

  • Using those search results we will compile data that supports a reduction in assessed value for your property based on current sales of similar properties.

  • If necessary we will also conduct an investigation into the market trend in your neighborhood.

  • If your neighborhood sales values are trending downward there is a good argument against the increase of your assessment on that basis alone.

  • At the end of our research investigation we will compile the favorable results into documents which we will use as evidence at your appeal hearing.