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Preparation and Filing of Your Appeal
Personal Interview and Property Information
Research and Data Compilation
Review and Preparation of Evidence
Hearing, Arguments and Results
Why Hire an Attorney for Your Assessment Appeal
Why Hire an Attorney for Your Appeal?
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Assessment Appeal Services

"DLG Attorneys Are With You Every Step of the Way"

Every client receives the following DLG Services with their Assessment Appeal:

  • Preparation and Filing of your Assessment Appeal

  • Personal interview where we learn more about your specific property

  • Printing and organization of photographs that highlight problem areas of your property

  • Custom Market Analysis of your property utilizing our in house professional database

  • Compilation of comparable sales which support our market analysis

  • We will prepare 3 copies of all evidence we have compiled to present at your hearing

  • Our attorneys will appear at your hearing, present your evidence and argue for the reduction of your assessment

  • We will send a letter confirming the results as soon as we receive them

  • No additional or hidden costs or fees

  • There is no need for you to attend the hearing – we handle all aspects of your appeal

Note: Our fee does not include an appraisal. If you would like to have an appraisal of your property prepared we can schedule one with a licensed appraiser at the cost of $300 or you may use your own appraiser.

"APRIL 1st IS THE APPEAL DEADLINE!!!!!!! If you ignore this opportunity you will pay taxes based on your new assessed value for years to come"

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